Why Is There So Much Hate in America?

There’s a lot of reasons. One of them is that many people feel threatened by someone who looks different from them or doesn’t have the same skin color. The fear of being called the N-word has become a significant cause for people to attack and discriminate against others based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. This intolerance is nothing new in America. What’s new is the willingness of those in power to allow such hate to exist.

Another reason is that the media portrays it, which helps create an even bigger hate situation. The hate in the country isn’t limited to one group or another. Everyone from gay people to women, blacks, and others have been attacked, harassed, and degraded in the name of entertainment. The media also plays a massive role in spreading hatred because they often portray things as acceptable rather than as they are.

This is the result of the world we live in. Everyone seems to be angry all the time. Even the media gets in on the blame game by portraying certain things as the other person’s fault. There’s no balance of blame in our world today. We’ve lost sight of the true meaning of balance and have allowed hate to become a part of life.

We’ve opened the door wide for hate crimes to foster. We’ve tolerated hate crimes against anyone and everyone, including those in the closet. We’ve allowed the press to become a mouthpiece for those who want to spread hate against those that are different from them, especially those that are different from them politically, socially, culturally, or even religiously.

There’s also a lack of self-control. In America, we love to complain and criticize others with or without reason. When someone does something we don’t like, we tell them how stupid they are, curse at them, and are mean-spirited. This causes hate crimes, and the people who perform these hate crimes then go on to do more of them.

Another reason is the lack of education in our schools. Most kids these days don’t know why there’s so much hate going on around them. They don’t even understand why people of a particular group hate other groups of people when they look at each other the same way.

Many believe that hate crimes are caused by the lack of freedom and the rule of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and blame him for the lack of education in our schools today that contribute to hate crimes.

No matter what the reason might be; it’s wrong. We should pray for those that hate, and not worry about why they act the way they do. It doesn’t make any sense to attack someone because you don’t know their intentions. Many say it’s because the media controls the flow of information to people. Some say it’s because the Jews control the media and attempt to brainwash the American people into hating each other.

It’s time to open our eyes and see things for what they are. We must stop trying to find why something happens to someone else. We must learn to forgive those who hate and hope that they one day find peace in their hearts. The world will benefit from hatred no more. We’ve been fighting this hate for too long, and it’s time to start working together instead.

We can learn to pray for the wrongdoers, but hate is still going to be a part of our daily lives. But we can find the strength within ourselves to forgive those who hate. We can make a better nation, one that’s loving, kind, and respectful of all of its people. Only then will we ever be truly happy and content.

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